3D Crossviews of the Los Angeles Natural History Museum

It’s with a degree of shame I admit that one year I came home from the Scholastic book fair with only one “real” book, My Teacher Glows in the Dark, the third book in Bruce Coville’s My Teacher is an Alien series. The rest of my budget was allocated to There’s Treasure Everywhere – decades later a much-loved, dog-eared Calvin and Hobbes collection that’s a permanent coffee table fixture in every house I’ve ever lived in – and two Magic Eye books. The Magic Eye books are long gone, but they kindled a lifelong interest in stereoscopic imagery. For the last several years I’ve been experimenting with shooting crossview stereoscopic photos with a smartphone camera, most recently I tried it at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. These are a few of the shots that came out the best. If you’re not familiar with crossview stereoscopic images or how to see them in 3d, this is a great tutorial.