Enterprise Software

QUality ASsurance ARchive
Quasar implements a customizable call evaluation tool and enables staff to run advanced reports on the completed call evaluation data.
Web App (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML5) Initial Release 2012

Other Projects

the free-range psuedorandom glitchy pixel ravager
pixlshift is a web-based editor for manipulating images in a way aesthetically similar to data bending. It’s the primary tool I use for glitch art.
Web App (Javascript, HTML5) Initial Release 2014

Guitar tablature generator
Tab-O-Matic enables you to create text-based (OLGA-style) guitar tablature quickly by using a fretboard-like point-and-click interface.
Web App (Javascript, HTML5) Initial Release 2011

Non-Sequitur Bot
Artificially ignorant chat bot
A chat bot that pulls data from publicly available chat logs, and then selects random responses from them, totally disregarding whatever you say to it. It’s funny (?)
Web App (Javascript, HTML5) Initial Release 2015

GTA IV Gameplay Mod
This is the world of the living dead. And you may be the last man on earth. Gather supplies, search for survivors, and battle the armies of the undead in a near-deserted Liberty City. Can you take this terrifying adventure into unspeakable horror?
That’s how I described it back then, anyway. I don’t think it’d even run on a patched up-to-date GTA IV install. But it gets a spot here because the YouTube trailer for it got over a quarter of a million views, and I think that’s neat.
Game Mod (Lua) Initial Release 2009

Virtual Pet
When I was seventeen, I used Visual Basic to make a Tamagotchi-style virtual pet, complete with two-color pixel art and MIDI sound effects. I was shocked to find it’ll still run on Windows 10 as long as you’ve got a copy of vb40032.dll – I included one in the .zip since nobody’s had VB4 runtimes installed on their computer since the Bush administration.
Game (Visual Basic) Initial Release 2001